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basketball court

In association with Basketball England and Let’s Do More (LDM) Basketball this project was to renovate a basketball court in the heart of one of the countries’ busiest cities as part of the #ProjectSwish initiative. The outdoor court at the Mandela Community Centre in Chapeltown, a mile from the centre of Leeds, had fallen into a state of disrepair.

I lived in the area, and this felt like a natural fit. I’ve played on this court as a youngster and it’s been neglected for a long time… When I heard there was a chance to refurbish it and
give it a breath of new life, I jumped at it and was happy to be involved.

I researched Nelson Mandela, his Madiba tribe in South Africa and their language. Ubuntu, meaning humanity, was a word that jumped out to me, and looked into African murals, culture and heritage as inspiration for the project.

Leeds LDM Basketball “We are very pleased with the result of our joint project with Basketball England to refurbish the outdoor courts at the Mandela Centre, Chapeltown, Leeds. Hopefully it will encourage more young people to take up basketball!!!


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